About Us

An American brand with universal appeal, Gradu8 Apparel is the first brand solely committed to representing the pride of academic achievement through trendsetting apparel and merchandise. Our eye-catching apparel acknowledges and inspires graduates at all levels of education, from Pre-K through Doctorate level, or what we refer to as The Evolution of Knowledge.

Gradu8 Apparel is a great addition to your casual or corporate wardrobe to signal to the world who you are, or who you want to be. The logo represents graduates and aspiring graduates. We put the spotlight where it really belongs – on academic achievement.

Whether your inspiration is received through our iconic, stylized “8” logo, trendsetting apparel, inspirational posters, promotional products, or motivational speeches, the Gradu8 brand undoubtedly reinforces the importance and value of education.

Every graduate and aspiring graduate has a story worth telling, and it is our mission to tell yours! Be social and friend us, tweet us, or email us to let us know how Gradu8 was a part of your amazing journey.

Welcome to Gradu8 Apparel!