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our story

Gradu8 is an inspirational, lifestyle brand founded in 2008. On June 14, 2008, at the University of Cincinnati commencement, a dream was realized in more ways than one. Four friends set out with a unique idea to become the first brand solely committed to representing the pride of academic achievement through the distribution of apparel and merchandise. On graduation day, Gradu8 was launched onto the scene. The response was tremendous, and it was clear that Gradu8 had a brand and logo with which college graduates could identify. From that exciting day of accomplishment, Gradu8 has evolved to inspire and acknowledge graduates at all levels of education, from pre-K through doctorate degree, or what we refer to as The Evolution of Knowledge. We are here to tell your story of academic success through trendsetting fashion that emphasizes the importance and value of education.

Share your story

Every graduate has a story worth telling. Be social and friend us, Instagram us, tweet us, or email us to let us know how Gradu8 was a part of acknowledging your incredible academic journey. On its own, a brand has limited ability to change a life. But when combined with recognition and reward, it becomes a powerful tool to inspire students to achieve higher education.